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Tips from Chip

What can be done for exterior glass:

  1. Note: The answer to this question depends on type of person you are.
  2. Are you fastidious, immaculate, and always 15 minutes early to everything? If so, you do not need these tips.
  3. Number two does not describe you? Read on.
  4. Never ever wash down glass with regular tap water. If you do, always squeegee or dry off with towel.
  5. Remove or adjust sprinklers from hitting glass. Almost any sprinkler except drip will find your glass when the trades are blowing 25-35 knots. If removing sprinklers is out of the question and after adjusting them you are still getting water on the glass then set timer to come on while glass is cool and sun is not on glass.
  6. Apply glass protection and begin a maintenance program.
What can be done for shower glass:
  1. This is a hard one. It depends on the kind of person you are. If you squeegee or towel dry the glass after each shower, your glass will never have mineral deposits build up. There are about 5% of the population that will do this.
  2. So what does the other 95% of the population do? They will do absolutely nothing until they cannot see out of the glass. Then they will Google how to remove hard water stains and try a lot of DIY remedies. Next they may try YouTube for the answer.
  3. There are at least 50 products that are put on glass to help protect and maintain its surface. All of these products work to some degree. However, there is no product that may be applied only once.
  4. If none of things work, they may call a specialist like us.
  5. Then their glass will be restored.

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